Saint-Gobain Vetrotex Steklovolokno

Saint-Gobain Vetrotex

Saint-Gobain Vetrotex Steklovolokno owned by Owens Corning Vetrotex Reinforcements is a reinforcement fiber factory, located in Gus-Khrustalny, not far from Moscow. The factory has a very large production capacity combined with good technology. The factory produces several types of reinforcements (rovings, chopped strands, fabrics) and uses technical synergies with the other European Saint-Gobain Vetrotex factories to produce identical products.

Saint-Gobain Vetrotex Steklovolokno supplies the Russian composite market (estimated at 45,000 tons of glass fiber per year), and also supplies Belorussia, Ukraine, and Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.