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Our Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and the related crisis have caused massive damage to the global economy. Recovery is expected to take months and months, and the restored economy will not be the same as the pre-crisis one. Companies that survived the crisis will then face the challenge to integrate into the new economy.

Inreco LAN has demonstrated its readiness to resist threats, and the company remains completely stable. We have launched the emergency business continuity plans to ensure that our systems and services continue operating as usual. All the necessary precautions are taken to address the safety of our employees and the business needs of our customers.

Luckily, remote work is not something new for the company, since our core business is offshore software development outsourcing. Nothing has changed significantly in the software development processes carried out in the infrastructure we have established, and the specialists of Inreco LAN continue to implement their usual routines to solve the assigned tasks as efficiently as possible.

Now, in times of crisis, and later, at the recovery stage, many companies and organizations of different levels and different subordination have needs:

  • in cost optimization;
  • in the automation of new accounting and control tasks;
  • in changing or replacing regular software so that it matches the changing business processes;
  • in the development of new software to meet new demands of the changed reality.

We, Inreco LAN, a company that has maintained its stability in these difficult times, are happy to offer you our help. Taking into account the widespread sharp reduction of budgets and freezing of projects, we offer end customers software development services at prices 2 – 4 times lower than average rate on the market. For each specific project, we are ready to provide our fully equipped team, as well as to strengthen and scale your existing one.

Take care!